14-day return policy


  • Should the purchased goods be not suitable to you for some reason, you have the right to return the product within 14 days and get 100% refund (according to Sect. 2.6 of the General Conditions).
  • In order to return the product, please complete our return form or send a withdrawal application in free form to the e-mail address klienditeenindus@domed.ee. The product can also be returned to a suitable Domed store.
  • In the event of deterioration of the goods, the buyer shall be liable for the reduction in value if he has used the goods in a manner other than necessary to ascertain their nature, characteristics, and functioning. In order to inspect the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the products, the buyer may handle and use them only as he is normally allowed to do in the shop.
  • We will refund the sum paid for the returned product to the purchaser’s bank account without delay, but no later than 14 days from the date we receive a withdrawal application from the purchaser. Domed may refuse to make a refund until the purchaser has returned to it the item that constituted the object of the contract or provided proof of having sent back the goods.
  • The return policy does not apply to goods that are not suitable for return if the goods have been opened following delivery or they have been constructed by the unique needs of the client.