Pay conveniently and quickly in installments – 0€ contract fee!

ESTO hire-purchase ensures provision of the service as quickly and conveniently as when paying via a bank link. Confirm the order and, to review your personal terms and conditions and make a successful purchase, sign the hire purchase agreement digitally using your ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile ID.

Pay in 3 equal parts. At no extra charge. 0% interest rate. Just pay later!

ESTO 3 payment method allows you to pay for your purchase in three equal instalments over a period of three months. The sum of each monthly instalment is calculated by dividing the value of the shopping cart into three equal parts. No interest. No additional charges. Early repayment option always available, no additional charges apply. The payment method is provided and managed by ESTO AS.

Bolt Pay Later – buy now and pay later, without any additional fees!

New and innovative payment method – confirm the order with Bolt Pay Later payment method and you have the opportunity to buy now with 2 clicks, receive the order and start paying later. Pay the way you want – 30 days interest-free, without any costs. There is no interest. There are no additional costs. The payment method is offered and managed by ESTO AS.