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Tiny-houses by GOAHTE – a superb solution for accommodating guests. They are also perfect for young couples dreaming about their first home together.

These houses are a handy solution for self-imposed isolation and many other applications. GOAHTE mini-houses are portable: you can simply bring them with you when you move. With their solid frame structure, you can move them as many times as you wish.

Thanks to its original design and reliability, you can use a Goahte mini-house as either an individual accommodation or as a residential add-on to a main building after you connect it to existing utilities.

With its highly effective heat insulation and state-of-the-art heaters, the house quickly heats up to the temperature you set.

High-quality windows and doors with triple glazing ensure a high level of comfort and extra soundproofing. With the house’s remote control system, your heating costs will drop dramatically.


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